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At the Etalage Fabriek you’ll find a quickly growing number of unique articles made by many different creators! We are very excited to be a part of that. We love having our products on display in this gorgeous store in de center of our very own Delft!

The Etalage Factory strives for sustainability and recycling. We sell items of good quality and durable materials, new, recycled and second-hand. Beautiful items that will fit into your lifestyle.



We love Zijdar. Not only is the service great, the materials are beautiful and great quality. Also very important to us, Zijdar ensures you that all natural products are animal friendly! If you are looking for natural products like silk or wool, we highly recommend you visit Zijdar!

Zijdar Natural Silk was founded in 1982 and offers a unique concept towards silk and textile design. Not one day nor one client is the same at Zijdar Natural Silk. Our portfolio holds hundreds silk fabrics, cotton, linnen, wool, silk blends and other naturalslike hemp and ramie. There wil always be a fitting fabric for your project or application. We also offer a large choice of shawls and silk accessories, felt materials and silk painting necessities. Our archives hold many techniques and example to give you that extra bit of inspiration should you need it.




One of the markets you can find Biddies whenever we can make it is Swan Market. At Swan Market you find a great diversity of products, that have one thing in common: they are (hand)made by creative people! You will find both beautiful and funny products in all price ranges. It’s a great day out, next to great shopping, Swan Market also provides you with delicious food and live music. So if you are planning a fun day out, make sure to check when the next Swan is, we might see you there!

Swan Market is een lifestyle markt, waar een erg divers creatief aanbod te vinden is. Mode, sieraden, vintage, accessoires, betaalbare kunst, etc. zijn ruim vertegenwoordigd tijdens Swan Market. Naast al het shop-plezier word je verwend met (h)eerlijke horeca en live muzikale optredens. De gezelligheid bij Swan Market wordt gecreëerd door de variëteit aan bezoekers; een goede mix tussen jong en oud, stelletjes en gezinnen met kinderen, het loopt door elkaar en maakt plezier met elkaar.


Starting November 15 you can find us on the Museum Market in Amsterdam! We are very proud that we get to show our handmade products at this awesome fair and unique location! Located between the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Museum for modern art, you can find this market every third Sunday of the month! We hope to see you there!

The Museum Market is an open and free place with stylish stands, lovely people, quality goods, beautiful objects of art and design, good food, outdoor cafes, soft music, green fields, a pond, a playground and… no cues! A great place to shop & meet.

The Museum Market aims to connect the various museums, tourists to the locals and luxury chains to authentic goods. We hope you enjoy the different way to shop & meet!